Swimming Equipment and Accessories That You Need To Know As A Beginner

As you are going to start with your swimming classes, you must be wondering what all equipment and accessories you would require. Just like swimming is an important exercise for your body, its accessories are also going to be essential. This includes a swimming suit, goggles and a swim cap. 

Swim accessories are very important during the practices where the swimmers can use them to isolate movement in one part of the body. This is to add resistance or to keep track of a certain element of a stroke. Aqua shop in Australia is one of the leading swimming equipment retailers. They always sell the best products in each of the product categories. You can be assured of their quality as they are involved for 20+ years now. 

Here in this article, we are going to see some of the essential swim gear that you need for a successful start:

  • Swimwear: This is the first thing that you need to have to start up your practice. For men it is swim briefs, swim trunks or jammers. For women, you get that one-piece swimsuit which comes in a material suitable for water. Boardshorts are a big no for swimming purposes as they are forbidden in the pool for sanitary reasons. 
  • Swim caps: Swim cap is one mandatory thing to wear while swimming. Especially if you have long hair, this can help avoid hair coming on your face in the water.
  • Swimming Goggles: This will help you when you dive into the water with your head submerged in it. The goggles will avoid the water from entering your eyes, making it comfortable for you to swim and streamline your body better.
  • Nose clip: This helps to keep the water from entering your nose. This is very important during the initial learning stage. 
  • Swim Fins: This gives your leg some support while you can concentrate on your arm stroke. It helps to improve the efficiency of your flutter kick in the front crawl and backstroke. Also, it improves the efficiency of the dolphin kick during the butterfly stroke.
  • Swimming rings: These are basically for safety purposes where they can carry good weight and help the swimmers to float above the water with their heads out of the water. This can prevent any chances of drowning or for struggling swimmers. 
  • Kickboards: Kickboards help the swimmer to float and travel in the water using only legs. They are made of plastic, foam or any other buoyant material that can isolate the swimmer’s lower body. This can help strengthen the swimmer’s core and kicking strength.
  • Swim Noodles: They are coloured flexible cylinders that are made of foam. They help by helping the swimmer to float while using their legs to move ahead in the water. Children love them as they are great pool toys.
  • Swim bags: Last, but not the least, you need these to carry all your equipment along with the other necessities while going swimming. 


You can get all this equipment online or at a swim shop. Just grab the best offers and start your practice.