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It is a great mystery that the salvation of the many depends on the holiness of the few

– Pope Pius XIII Mystici Corporis –

CHOICEZ MEDIA exists to support teachers and parents in the task of educating young people in the area of human sexuality and relationships. At the core of all CHOICEZ MEDIA resources is a deep focus upon the value and dignity of the human person as made in the image and likeness of God. CHOICEZ MEDIA seeks to take the rich and beautiful teaching of the Christian tradition in these areas and present them in ways which engage young people.

Who We Are

Jonathan Doyle MLMEd

Jonathan Doyle has shared his passion and energy with hundreds of thousands of men, women and young people around the world. His powerful ability to take ancient truths and make them available in new ways is changing lives every day. If you want to be a man of faith, action and service or you want to learn more about the men you care about then let’s begin.

Karen Doyle

Karen Doyle is passionate about helping you become the person God has made you to be. With a range of dynamic talks, e-books and study guides Karen’s insights will see you step into all that God has planned for you. As a woman do you want to learn about John Paul II’s teaching on the ‘genius of womanhood’ and what it means for your life?

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Our Products

The Genius Project for Catholic Women

The Genius Project is a four-part DVD resource with personal and group study guides. It extends a life-changing invitation to every woman based upon Pope John Paul II’s teaching on what he termed the feminine genius.

The Genius of Womanhood

In this powerful presentation, you will hear Karen explore key issues such as how you might be missing out on the biggest news in the Church on the role and vocation of women and how to find deep joy in your role as a woman.

Great Expectations

In this powerful presentation, you will hear Karen explore key issues such as: How has 20th-century feminism impacted men and their sense of what is expected of them? What is the impact of absent fathers in the lives of many young men? How do they learn to love women fully as equals?

Understanding Pornography

In this powerful presentation, you will hear Jonathan explore key issues such as: What is the science behind pornography’s power over men? Why is it so powerful? How can you overcome addiction or support your friends?

Raising the Men We Need

In this powerful presentation, you will hear Jonathan explore key issues such as: What are the main issues driving negative outcomes for young men? What happens when we neglect boys need for emotional support and physical touch?

Taking the Space

In this powerful presentation, you will hear Jonathan explore key topics such as: What are the key issues facing your child that threaten their long-term health and happiness? How is media and marketing impacting their sense of self and how they view relationships? How you can improve communication with your kids?

Going Deeper

Online Formation for Catholic Teachers

Going Deeper is a weekly online staff formation program in Catholic identity and Catholic teaching on education. It inspires, educates and challenges every Catholic teacher to deepen in their personal faith and knowledge of Catholic teaching so they can fulfil their noble vocation within the great mission of Catholic education.


What People Are Saying About Us

Jonathan Doyle has worked with parents, teachers and students in schools of my Diocese for five years. He is exceptional in his ability to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ and His Church to each of these different groups and to inflame their faith.

Dr John Graham

Assistant Director, Catholic Education Office, Diocese of Lismore

Jonathan Doyle is our go-to-guy for the latest evidence-based content and pedagogy on Christian education in sexuality and relationships. At a time when young people are immersed in popular (anti-)culture like never before, Choicez Media is working at the coalface with the message of love and responsibility.

Ian Smith

Director Evangelisation and Religious Education, Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta

Jonathan Doyle is one of the best Catholic communicators in Australia and I strongly recommend his seminars for Catholic educators. It is a unique opportunity for all your staff to deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith and the Church’s mission to the world.

Professor Tracey Rowland

Dean – , Pontifical Institute for Studies on Marriage and the Family.

The Catholic Teacher Podcast

Doing the ordinary things well

In today’s episode I share a quote from St. Gabriel Possenti about how the small details really add up. It’s easy to think that big ideas and programs are more important than the smallest acts of service and kindness. It’s not true. The tiniest acts of love and...

Bringing the Kingdom of God to your Classroom

In today’s episode I share another great quote from Hans Urs Von Balthasar. He reminds us that deep prayer is one of the great precursors of how the Kingdom of God comes to life in our world. In the busyness of modern school life it can often be the case that we feel...

Making Saints Of Every Catholic Student

In today’s episode I share a great quote from Pope Benedict XVI from a speech where he was talking to Catholic students. It’s a great reminder that we are not simply trying to offer an option that is slightly different to secular education. We are doing so much more....

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The Catholic Teacher And God’s Abundance

In today’s video I want to talk about the tension between the demands and pressures of your work as a Catholic teacher and the fact that God is the God of all abundance. Surely, we think, “If God is so powerful and so capable then why do I still find my vocation and...

The Catholic Teacher And Virtues

There is nothing new under the sun! Everyday we hear of some new scandal or public failing. I’m sure they’ve always been happening it’s just that our modern news and social media cycles make it more obvious. What is strange is that for all its repetitiveness many of...

Christocentric Catechesis

Sometime in the first century BC the Roman poet Lucretius sat down to pen a few lines aiming to explain the essence of epicurean philosophy. 7400 dactylic hexameters later he had completed his magnificent De rerum natura - On The Nature of Things. For Lucretius, as...