What Is EV Charging, And How Does It Work?

Electric vehicle owners have a lot of concerns about how and when they should charge their vehicles. It makes perfect sense. Australian have spent their entire lives in gas-powered cars. As the gauge reaches empty, they fill up at one of the many thousands of stations. While charging an EV can be a bit more complicated than usual, it is becoming easier to do so.

You can either own an EV, or you want to add an EV charging station to commercial property. Here are some facts about how an electric car charger works.

What Is An EV Charger?

For electric vehicles as well plug-in hybrids, an EV charging station is necessary to charge the battery.

How Does EV Charging Actually Work?

An EV charging station draws electricity from either the 240v outlet or the grid that it’s hardwired into. Then, it charges the vehicle using the same method as any other appliance with coiled charging cable.

Every Charger Will Not Necessarily Connect To Every EV — But Adaptors Are Available

A J1772 socket is generally standard for EVs. This is unless you are using a Tesla EV charging dock. This plug can be thought of as a device charger cord.

Teslas use their unique connectors to connect to their vehicles. This means that a Tesla charger cannot work on any non-Tesla car, and an adaptor cannot be used for a Tesla car without an adaptor.

There are adaptors available and can be bought online. But drivers must note the type of charger that they’re parking in front. Commercial entities should also be aware of the fact that Tesla chargers may not be available on their parking lot or property.

How Do Public EV Charging Stations Function?

There are several things to consider when parking near an EV charging station. One, the station might be provided at no cost, may require a key FOB (or another access device), or may require payment by credit card. This is similar to other parking situations. For example, customers may only be allowed to park in certain areas for free. Or you may have to pay a parking tax during certain times and days. The charging station should be clearly marked on the device as well as posted notices.

You Can Plan With Public EV Charging Stations In Mind

Once you begin to notice public EV charger stations, you’ll start to incorporate them into your schedule. For example, plan to run an errand last to use the charging station in their parking lot.

Commercial organizations will want you to think about how your company can be integrated into their daily plans. Is your customer or visitor more likely to come to your location if they have access to an EV charging station public? Are they more likely to stay longer if they realize they’re paying an extra fee for every minute they spend in the establishment? Is your company able to become your clients’ preferred place to run errands when you offer a public electric vehicle charging station? Knowing your customer is key to understanding their needs and how you can provide a service by adding an EV charging station.