Lesson Planning In a Catholic School

Lesson planning in a Catholic school is not always the easiest task that the modern Catholic teacher faces. How can they ensure that what they are putting together will be truly and authentically Catholic. The good news is that there is one essential filter that will always help the modern Catholic teacher get it right.

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The Catholic Teacher And The Bible


The Catholic teacher and the Bible do not need to have an oxymoronic relationship!

In recent videos I have been trying to share just how crucial the relationship is between the demands of daily teaching life and the need to find ways to be refilled and restored by the Holy Spirit.

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Theology of the Body and the Catholic Teacher

How do we go about teaching sexuality in a Catholic school?

The challenge for so many teachers in Catholic schools in the area of sexuality formation cannot be overemphasised.

As well as their normal teaching load and many other responsibilities they are often expected to be able to successfully deliver content in areas such as human sexuality and the Catholic Church’s understanding of what it means to be a human sexual person made in the image and likeness of God.

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