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3 ways to increase your trust in God

Do you ever feel stuck in your spiritual life? Are you frustrated with yourself for breaking your resolutions, continuing to struggle with sin while professing to love God? Do you dislike going to Confession? Are you sometimes a bit of a control freak? All these can be signs that you need to trust God more.

Who is in charge of your spiritual life? If you answered, “I am,” think again. Only God can draw you closer to Him through grace. Only God can give you supernatural contemplation, which is necessary to reach the higher stages of the spiritual life. Only God can reach deep down to root out those sins you don’t even know you are committing.

Here are three points to ponder as you work on increasing your trust in Him. Ask yourself if you:

1.     Accept your weakness.

God knows that you are still affected by original sin. He knows how deeply ingrained your bad habits are, and how difficult it is for you to root them out. He is never surprised or shocked when you fall. He is merciful, loving, and realistic. Sometimes pride is at the root of our worry over our sins. Maybe God is allowing you to fail so that you learn that you can never earn salvation or holiness.

2.     Accept your circumstances.          

The grass was greener in the Garden of Eden, but we can’t go back there. We live in the 21st century with all its problems. God made you for this time. He made you for your vocation. He knew every challenge you would face in your family, your job, and your culture. Instead of moaning about what’s wrong with your life, start asking how God wants you to make it right. Perhaps you can do nothing to change the world outside your window, but you can do something to change yourself. No, this doesn’t contradict what I said above about God being in control of your spiritual life. God cannot work without your co-operation. Open your heart to His will. His agenda is rarely the same as yours.

3.     Accept your suffering.

I don’t know what trials you face. Maybe you’ve lost a loved one. Maybe your loved one is lost to God. Perhaps you are suffering physically. Perhaps you live with mental illness. Whatever it is, you have both my sympathy and my prayers. No one gets through life without suffering. When God allows suffering to touch us, He also gives us the grace to accept it and grow closer to Him through it. You will make a lot of mistakes. Some days you may even rail against God. If this happens, go back to #1. Then try again.

God wants you to be at peace. His greatest desire is for your eternal happiness. Your weakness, your circumstances, and your trials cannot get the better of Him. He has already worked them into His plan for you. Open your heart to that plan. Trust Him.

Connie Rossini blogs on Carmelite spirituality and faith-based education at Contemplative Homeschool. She is writing a book about trusting God, due out sometime next year. Meanwhile, you can download her free ebook Five Lessons from the Carmelite Saints That Will Change Your Life at Amazon or Smashwords.

In the comments box at the bottom, share an experience when you have felt a deeper sense of trusting in God.