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-Christianity is not an intellectual system, a collection of dogmas, or a moralism. Christianity is an encounter, a love story; it is an event.-

Have you ever seen an image of the barnacles that gather on a ship when it sits too long in a port?

The technical term for this is ‘accretion’ which is defined as ‘growth or increase by the gradual accumulation of additional layers or matter.”

Over the many centuries and also within our own spiritual journeys Christianity can often loose some of its raw and transformative impact by the presence of familiarity, by too much ritual that has been emptied of its true power. It becomes ‘same old, same old.” This sense of accretion can leave us ‘underwhelmed’ by the Gospel and the truth about whom Jesus really is and what He has done.

Benedict’s quote here brings us back to basics. It reminds us that beyond all the accretion that may enter the Church or our own lives we must fight hard, all the time, to keep coming back to that most basic truth; Christianity is a love story, it is an encounter with a person. It is not a system for making people nice.

Spend some time today in silence just contemplating a favourite scripture and let yourself ‘be found’ by the God who is crazy, reckless and relentless in His search for you.

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