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I am sitting here on holiday and it’s about 6am.

The sun is climbing up over the Pacific and life is bliss.

I just prayed the Divine Office….as you do on holiday and today is the feast of St. Teresa of Avila.

Teresa is an absolute giant of the faith. A spiritual master of the deep contemplative life and a friend of the great St. John of the Cross.

Together they brought about a deep and holy reform of monasticism at a crucial time in the Church’s history.

It is amazing to still hear the tired old rants in leftist press about that diabolical Catholic Church and its never-ending war on women.

The same press is dead silent on the gendercide taking place against women in many parts of the world. See HERE

The Catholic Church is so full of amazing women throughout its history that we should be quick to refute the idea that it has been some vast patriarchal conspiracy from day one.

What do you make of this quote from Pope Benedict?

“It is theologically and anthropologically important for woman to be at the center of Christianity. Through Mary, and the other holy women, the feminine element stands at the heart of the Christian religion.” 

What do you make of the fact that Pope John Paul II wrote an incredible encyclical devoted entirely to the genius of womanhood. See HERE?

I am married to an incredible Catholic woman who, along with other incredible Catholic women are organising this regular national conference that celebrates all that is best about Catholic womanhood and womanhood in general. Make sure you check that link as it is an amazing event.

So today I’m celebrating Teresa of Avila and all the amazing Catholic women such as Catherine Drexel, Teresa of Calcutta, Therese of Lisieux, Mary Mackillop along with all the incredible Catholic women in every school, parish and home who bring the gift of the feminine genius into the heart of a world that desperately needs their wisdom, sensitivity and grace.

Who are the Catholic women that have impacted your life the most? Share your thoughts with us in the comments box at the very bottom.