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Reflecting on why I have chosen to be a teacher helps motivate and encourage me with my studies so much. Here I share with you some of the reasons behind my choice and I would love to hear from current teachers who enjoy and are passionate about education in the comment section below.

I really enjoy learning and want to share this with others. A special interest of mine is the application of technology to improve learning. Recently, I have been developing an online personal learning network as a way to study and reflect. I have done this through connecting with other educators on twitter and writing a blog about learning spaces. I believe teachers must be expert learners in order to facilitate the learning of their students.

Interacting with students and helping them learn energizes me. As part of my University course I am undertaking activities such as tutoring disadvantaged students with their homework. The student I tutor is a very talented writer and it has been a great joy seeing her develop her writing skills. Last week I was able to give her a certificate in front of everyone at the homework club for her persistence in writing and using her talents. It was a very proud moment for me as her tutor and hopefully this will inspire her future learning.

I have been fortunate to be educated by many very skilled and knowledgeable teachers who have inspired me to work in education. In particular, Mr D cleverly engaged me in Mathematics lessons. Although I had struggled with Mathematics in previous years and this caused me anxiety, I started to see proof that my understanding was increasing. My self-confidence grew and I went on to study Mathematics in Year 12 successfully. I am inspired by Mr D’s example of a teacher as someone who can effect change in the lives of others. At a chance meeting with him recently I was able to share this with him.

Receiving feedback from others has helped reinforce my decision to be a teacher. I prepare children to make their Sacraments in my parish. A mother of one of my students shared with me that her son had said, “Genevieve makes learning fun, but she has a funny laugh!” This feedback gave me reassurance that I can be a joyful presence and have fun in the classroom.

As a Catholic educator I pray that Jesus will be my example in both the classroom and every aspect of my life and that my students will come to know and follow Him. I know that working as a teacher will be a privilege. I will play a special role in helping my students develop their God given gifts and talents so they can help build the kingdom of God.

“Indeed, the dignity of education lies in fostering the true perfection and happiness of those to be educated” Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI.