Talk is cheap. Excommunicate the Governor!

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Cardinal Dolan & President Obama

Cardinal Dolan & President Obama

Twitter is a harsh world for the uninitiated.  I was skimming my feed this morning and saw a Tweet from one the most dynamic and interesting Cardinals in the world. Timothy Dolan.

He is big on joy. Big on the New Evangelization and big on bringing the Catholic Church into the public square. He’s a man who has gone toe-to-toe in the Oval Office on more than one occasion combatting a political agenda that is increasingly drifting toward a radically secular and militantly anti-Catholic agenda.

Dolan was Tweeting a link to a recent letter from a group of Bishops about New York States radical new abortion laws. I really hope you can read the very short letter HERE.

You can see the response from one citizen of the Twittershpere in the image below. No ambiguity there about what he thinks should happen to the governor.

being catholic

My point in this article is not to talk about excommunication. I want to point briefly to a few things that any interested Catholic needs to be across.

Abortion remains an incredibly combustible issue. It lies at the very heart of the culture of death that John Paul II talked about. It is deeply embedded in the philosophical bedrock of the sexual revolution’s utilitarian ethic. It also defies science given that the top 20 medical encyclopaedias in the world list human life beginning at conception.

There is a truly tragic irony that abortion is defended by vocal corners of the feminist movement. Sex-selective abortion is now a massive global problem. India and China abort millions of females per year but almost all in the women’s movement remain silent because to challenge that reality would be to challenge the right to abortion itself.

You simply must watch this movie trailer:

Dolan makes the point in his letter that the task for all of us as Catholics is to defend the value and dignity of women. A woman dealing with an unplanned pregnancy needs our best support. Our best financial, emotional and practical support. This is what we can do best as Catholics. We can gently, quietly and persistently build a culture of life that defends the incredible value, dignity and worth of every women. Born or unborn.

It is not about judgement or rights. It is about love and support and courage.

If you are in a school then you can build the culture of life by helping young people understand the beauty of human intimacy, the value and dignity of the body and the incredible great gift of sexual union and the new life it brings into the world. Many of our students do not have this knowledge. It is the absolute frontline for the new missionaries in Catholic Education. These are skills sets that need to be nurtured in young people over time. They can learn them if we start from the position that it’s possible.

In any other role, parent, priest, friend you just need to play your role in building a culture of life.

Just pray! Start praying today for the kids you teach, for your own children, for the nation. Beg God to change the hearts of legislators. And, if ever you find yourself with the opportunity to support any young woman facing an unplanned pregnancy then you give her your very best. Your time, your friendship, your practical support in whatever way she needs it. Fight for her and fight for the precious life she carries.

God has called us out of darkness into his own wonderful light. Our taks is to pray that life into greater abundance within our own lives and then bring it to bear in overpowering the culture of death and darkness that surrounds us.

I want to recommend two resources that you can use to help young people understand the issue of unplanned pregnancy. Watch the video HERE. Also there is a great resource on the value and dignity of womanhood HERE. If you genuinely can’t afford them then send me an email and I will give the to you for free.

In the discussion box (below the blue box) please share one single idea about how you think we can help build a culture of life as Catholics.

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