The Catholic Teacher And Virtues

The Catholic Teacher And Virtues

There is nothing new under the sun! Everyday we hear of some new scandal or public failing. I’m sure they’ve always been happening it’s just that our modern news and social media cycles make it more obvious. What is strange is that for all its repetitiveness many of our social and political ‘leaders’ want us to believe that we can construct some kind of utopian society where these behaviours will cease to exist. (more…)

The Courage To Be A Catholic Teacher

catholic teachingThe Catholic Teacher and The Need For Courage

This week at Going Deeper we began the first in a two-part series on the need for the Catholic teacher to reflect upon the virtue of courage. You can see some of this week’s video at the bottom of this post.

After almost two decades involved with Catholic schools I’m coming to think that courage is increasingly becoming the rarest and simultaneously most important character trait we need to find in ourselves, encourage in our colleagues and mentor in young staff.

The focus on courage in this weeks Going Deeper episode began with a reflection upon some rather confronting words from the Church’s document The Catholic SchoolIt states: (more…)