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Karen Doyle YMG Men’s Conference



We were coming to join you up here this morning.  It is as Justin said I’m the mother of 3 young children and the kids were all in the back.  I was going to come up on my own and my 4 year old she’s like,

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Manning Up – A Message on Catholic Manhood

In an age of man-boys, passivity and Playstation what does every Catholic man need to know about becoming the man he was made to be?

In recent years it seems many men, both young and old can struggle to find their place in the world. What’s expected of them?

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Sex, Skype, ADFA – And what Catholic schools can do about it

It takes a bit to shock me these days. When you specialise in areas like pornography addiction and male sexuality you tend to develop a tough skin about the reality that some young men are deeply socialised into a pornographic worldview from the youngest age.

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