Interview with Andy Mullins

Andy MullinsThis week Jonathan Doyle interviews Andy Mullins, Principal of Wollemi College in Western Sydney. Andy has had a long career in Catholic education and has a huge heart for young people, for families, the role of parents and for the great adventure of Catholic education. Listen in as Andy and Jonathan explore some of the key issues in Catholic education and some great strategies for parents, teachers and whole school communities.

Who are the New Poor in Your School?

Who are the New Poor in Your School?

On my first trip to Asia I was struck by the sheer volume of people, by the noise, the energy, the humidity and by the vast gulf between wealth and poverty. On a long drive from a conference venue I was taking photos of the streets, the people abd the whole great big carnival of life. Suddenly I saw a blind woman walking along the road. You can see the photograph below. I was confronted. We don’t see that kind of poverty in our first world lives.


Masculine Identity – Part 1 & 2

In this two part live recording at a Men’s Breakfast event Jonathan Doyle explores some powerful insights into the tragic ways that men avoid discovering the truth of who they really are as well as strategies for change.

Part 1

Download part 1 (right-click and save as)

Part 2

Download part 2 (right-click and save as)

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