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PRAYER Why should we pray? To me prayer is like any normal activity I do each day. There is however an exception to this. We are made up of body and soul. I would not neglect my body by failing to eat the right foods, exercise regularly, see a doctor

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5 Things Every Catholic Teacher Needs To Know

In the daily battle of Catholic education it’s easy to get lost in the grind. Assessments, assemblies, deadlines and detentions can quickly conspire to make you wonder why you turned down that job in the circus! As you make your way through each day here are five simple ideas to

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An Interview with Richard Sellwood

In this awesome interview we meet father of seven, evangelising surfer and Religious Education Coordinator, Richard Sellwood. Join your host Jonathan Doyle as he and Richard explore the big issues in Catholic education.       Download (right-click and save as) An Interview with Richard Sellwood What is your current role?

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Going Deeper is a weekly online staff formation formation program in Catholic identity and Catholic teaching on education. It inspires, educates and challenges every Catholic teacher to deepen in their personal faith and knowledge of Catholic teaching so they can fulfil their noble vocation within the great mission of Catholic education.