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Did the Catholic Church Attempt Suicide in the 1960’s?

“…we find him in the malaise of more than a few post Vatican II clergy, who are dare we say it, in the business of easy consensus, a short homily and an early lunch.”

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Is there such a thing as Catholic leadership?

Earlier this year I spoke to student leaders from all of the Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Melbourne about the challenge of being a Christian leader in the light of the theme for World Youth Day 08: ‘Planted and built up in Jesus Christ, firm in the faith’ (Col

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A Crossroads in Catholic Education

Australian Catholic education has undergone significant change over the past forty years. While the various transitions have been relatively smooth, substantial and daring challenges remain.

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Going Deeper is a weekly online staff formation formation program in Catholic identity and Catholic teaching on education. It inspires, educates and challenges every Catholic teacher to deepen in their personal faith and knowledge of Catholic teaching so they can fulfil their noble vocation within the great mission of Catholic education.