I'm Jonathan Doyle and for the last decade I've spoken around the world to tens of thousands of Catholic educators, support staff, principals and leaders about the precious vocation of working in a Catholic school.

From London to Florida and New Zealand to Manila and across Australia I've had the privilege of bringing a vibrant and motivational message to every school I've worked with.

If you're ready to see staff inspired, affirmed and encouraged in their vocation then keep reading and don't settle ever again for mediocre staff professional development.


Dr. Thomas W. Burnford, D.Min.,

“Jonathan has many gifts – first he read me well from the first time we met, listening and coaching and helping me grow as a leader; but secondly he delivered a world class keynote to over 8,000 Catholic school educators at the NCEA Convention – and was late to the following dinner because so many folks wanted to talk to him after the keynote!”

His keynote to Catholic school teachers and leaders at the NCEA Convention and Expo was tremendous; it was as if he was speaking to me, just me, even though there were over 8,000 present, and as a result of his presentation many dioceses requested his return to the US for more talks and presentations.

As a leader I’ve learned a great deal from my collaboration and friendship with Jonathan; he is a great listener yet also communicates what the person in front of him needs to hear, whether over a cup of coffee or when he is giving a keynote to thousands.  His keynote at NCEA  was one of the very best ever.

Dr. Thomas W. Burnford, D.Min., President/CEO, National Catholic Educational Association USA
Gail Dorn

“Jonathan has the unique gift of connecting with and inspiring those who are called to serve our beautiful Catholic church.  He makes the complex, simple, and is able to engage a crowd of 1000s, or lead one individual to their highest potential.   I have been stunned by his impact.  His message of hope is greatly needed in our Catholic schools, church, business communities and world.”

Gail Dorn President - Catholic Schools Centre of Excellence USA

It's time to help your staff realise the potential of their vocation...

What are Catholic leaders and educators saying?

One of the key things when considering a seminar for your staff is to find out about the experience of other schools and leaders.

If you are looking for a dynamic professional development seminar that helps your staff connect more deeply with their mission to our young Catholic people then look no further. Jonathan Doyle has a wealth of experience in motivating and inspiring Catholic teachers to become all that their vocation calls them to.

Bishop Peter Comensoli
Bishop Peter Comensoli Archdiocese of Sydney

St Bede’s College has been involved with Jonathan and his work for over five years and staff have been both affirmed and challenged in their vocations as catholic teachers. In order for us, as teachers, to encourage our students to develop their relationship with God, we need to keep working on ours too!

Rachel Pitcaithly
Rachel Pitcaithly St. Bede's College Christchurch

Jonathan Doyle brings a vitality and precision to professional development for educators in Catholic schools. His highly developed and motivational presentations enable staff to see how they can personify a missionary spirit in serving their students.

Edmund P Adamus
Edmund P Adamus Archdiocese of Westminster

Jonathan invites staff at Catholic schools into a full and rich vision of the human person. A session with Jonathan helps staff be attentive to the unrestricted desires of their own hearts:in helping us fully grasp the human dimension of education, we are opened to God.

Geoff Brodie
Geoff Brodie St. Patrick's College
Ian Smith

Jonathan Doyle’s work to support young people with resources on building good relationships has been a staple of countless schools’ personal development programs for several years. What is now emerging in Jonathan’s array of talents is an insightful and energetic mission to form teachers. Jonathan’s presentations set hearts on fire, turning the well-worn adage of teaching being a vocation into a passionate and liveable reality.

Ian Smith Director of RE & Evangelisation Parramatta
Stuart Traeger

Jonathan’s keynote on purpose was a very powerful reminder of not getting caught up in chasing after temporary things. Rather, through fulfilling ones calling to serve is where we discover our true purpose. Through the sharing of personal stories and faith, along with lessons from history Jonathan drove home his point in an engaging and personally challenging way. 

Stuart Traeger LCA Teacher Conference

Many thanks to you Jonathan – the day was wonderful and the feedback from your presentation has been phenomenal!

We would love to have you back again....

Adam Calderone, Kolbe Catholic College

It's simple...as Catholic teachers deepen in their faith they live their vocation and mission more fully.

There are several key reasons why booking a seminar with Jonathan Doyle would be a great step forward for your school...

  • Schools where individual staff are more deeply formed in their Catholic faith become more joyful places to work.

  • When staff understand the nobility and significance of their vocation as a spiritual undertaking they think, act and teach differently.

  • Jonathan Doyle is a dynamic and sought after global communicator who has a major impact upon any audience.

  • As staff learn to pray and develop their spiritual life your whole school gradually becomes a true centre of mission and real Gospel values.

  • Mission is not something Catholic schools do…it’s the reason they exist. Jonathan’s seminars help staff to envision a new paradigm for what their work really means.

In one seminar Jonathan creates a compelling vision of just what's possible for a Catholic school...

Each session with Jonathan explores a range of key ideas that help staff make connections between their personal faith journey and their ministry and mission to you young people.

Some of the benefits and content include:

  • Module 1 - Opening Concepts

    What are the big ticket challenges and opportunities facing Catholic teachers and Catholic education in the 21st century and how can we be ready to respond?

  • Module 2 - What do vocation and mission really mean?

    How do these two simple concepts impact every teacher and how can they leverage a new understanding of them to create change in every classroom?

  • Module 3 - The Rumour Of God

    What happens when Catholic schools lose their Catholic identity and what can we do to get it back?

  • Module 4 - Truth, Beauty and Goodness

    God has been speaking to every teacher all their lives but they may have forgotten to listen. Discover the key ways in which we can better experience the real presence of God in our lives.

  • Module 5 - Understanding and embracing the New Poor

    The Church documents refer to a new form of poverty faced by so many young people. How can we understand their needs and bring the presence of Jesus to them in the real world.


Jonathan has previously worked with...


In the Diocese of Lismore, leaders were finding that many of our young staff were lacking in a deeper and more mature understanding of their faith, especially regarding Catholic identity and mission. Using Jonathan's excellent presentations in this crucial area, the formation of staff has been enhanced. Jonathan skillfully draws individuals into a cognitive process of reflection; of what it really is to be human and what it really is to live a free and full life in a way God intends us to. Jonathan's sessions are certainly a great tool for any group wishing to further this reflective practice...

Dr. John Graham, Catholic Schools Office Lismore
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Who Is Jonathan Doyle?

Jonathan began his professional life teaching in Catholic secondary schools and quickly completed a Masters Degree in Education. He then commenced a second Master’s Degree at the Pontifical Institute and is currently completing further study in Executive Coaching. He is the author of two books, has spoken around the world to over 300,000 people and has been contracted over the last decade by a large number of schools and Catholic Education Offices. More recently he founded the Going Deeper Online Staff Professional Development Platform, which is now being used by over 120 schools across Australia. He is a dynamic and passionate communicator with a wealth of experience in Catholic education and empowering teachers.


Frequently Asked Questions...

  • q-iconHow long does the session run for as we are a very busy school?

    Jonathan can run full-day staff sessions, afternoon sessions from 3.30 – 5.00pm or small group sessions throughout the day allowing for less release time of staff.

  • q-iconIs it just for R.E. Staff?

    The session can just be run for a single department but it is normally run for all teaching and, ideally, non-teaching staff. The aim is to provide encouragement and motivation to the entire school community.

  • q-iconWhat does it cost?

    Please contact Jonathan to discuss your seminar needs and pricing.

  • q-iconNot all our staff are Catholic. Is that an issue?

    Not at all. Jonathan has worked with a diverse range of schools and approaches every session with the awareness that John Paul II constantly referred to ‘people of goodwill’. While not every staff member may be Catholic the content will still resonate deeply.

  • q-iconIs there any follow up?

    Jonathan provides extensive weekly content via the Going Deeper Online Platform that will allow your school to develop the seminar ideas going forward.

  • q-iconWhat type of school would suit this seminar?

    Schools where the Principal, Religious Education Coordinator, Director of Mission and other key staff genuinely care about the faith formation and mission of their staff and also schools that care deeply about young people and want to resource and support staff in their vocation as Catholic educators.

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