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Silence is such a crucial part of the ministry of any Catholic teacher. We simply cannot give to our students what we do not possess and God wants to give us so much if we will only go to meet Him. In modern life so many of us are completely inundated with so many distractions, responsibilities and expectations. Silence will not simply fall into our laps we have to go out and seek it and make it a central part of every day.

There is such a rich tradition of silence in Christian history. So many amazing men and women were able to accomplish the most incredible things by their encounter with God in silence and prayer.

So many Catholic teachers are swamped by the demands of the profession and all its ever-increasing responsibilities and expectations. How can they survive in such an environment for long? Is it any wonder that so many teachers leave the profession?

One of the most obvious metaphors is that of a great tree beside a river. Think of those enormous Weeping Willows you see from time to time. They survive for so long and look so amazing because their roots run so deep into the source of sustenance that they need. Are we any different? The only way a Catholic teacher can survive over the long haul is to have their roots embedded deep in the person of Jesus and we find Him in the sacred gift of silence.

So don’t let the sun set on the next 24 hours without making some time for an encounter with silence. Make this a regular part of your day and over time you will find a deeper peace and capacity than you have ever known within your vocation.

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