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This week on the Catholic Teacher Podcast, we hear from Dr. Greg Bottaro on the topic of Catholic Mindfulness. Dr Greg explains how Catholics can use the techniques of mindfulness, that is of being aware of the present moment without judgement or criticism, to counteract anxiety and to become healthier spiritually. Dr. Greg couches these mindfulness techniques within a Catholic worldview as well as addressing common concerns about mindfulness.   

0:00 – Intro

5:30 – How does Catholic mindfulness relate to trusting in God?

9:10 – How are our brains reacting to the complexity of modern life?

15:55 – How did Dr Greg get into this field of study?

18:47 – Accurate human anthropology and Jesus

21:35 – Addressing concerns about mindfulness

25:08 – What is Dr. Greg’s definition of mindfulness?

32:46 – The difference between the ‘doing mind’ and the ‘being mind’

35:05 – Accepting God’s love in the present moment

43:21 – What can Catholic teachers do to explore mindfulness?


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