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Do not abandon yourselves to despair

Hope is crucial.

When we lose hope in the future we descend into a bitter cynicism or simply give up and surrender to the darkness that surrounds us.

Let’s be honest, there is plenty of darkness that surrounds Catholics these days. It seems the very fabric of culture is under extreme pressure to conform to an anti-Gospel.

Jesus told us that these times of trial would come but He also said he would never leave us.

Whatever you face today, try and hold in your heart the central mystical truth that the battle is already over. Satan has been defeated at Calvary and awaits the final judgement.

The battle is won. We are just in the rather unfortunate position of being in the closing stages of the war. There are still some casualties and battles as the enemy rages on in final defiance.

Our battle cry, even in the silence of our hearts is the truth that He has risen. That is the translation of ‘hallelujah’ – He is Risen!

That cry sustained the first disciples as they faced persecution, trial and hardship. They knew the Lord had risen and they had encountered the risen Lord.

Seek the risen Lord today. Find him in stilllness, silence, scripture and sacrament. The more you encounter him the less likely you will be to encounter despair.

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