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A new online formation program for Catholic teachers is on track to reach a first major milestone of 10,000 downloads. Going Deeper, founded by Australian Catholic couple Jonathan and Karen Doyle, who are also the founders of well-known educational content provider Choicez Media, delivers weekly online content in Catholic formation to schools across Australia and around the world.

The 10,000-download milestone represents a reach of many tens of thousands of teachers as most viewing takes places in the context of larger weekly staff gatherings. The program allows staff to gain deeper formation in core principles of vocation and mission and key Church teaching on education and the evangelisation of both staff and young people.

Doyle stated, “This is a wonderful first major milestone for us as it represents the fact that we are getting great content into the hands of the people who can do so much to see young people deepen in their faith. Our Catholic schools have become the main centres of evangelisation in the modern world yet we have not always been able to resource our staff and give them the formation they want and need.”

going deeper

 The program has proved popular in Australia but is increasingly seeing a wider uptake overseas. In recent weeks the Diocese of Palm Beach in Florida and also schools in Minnesota have begun to use the program as well.

The program consists of a high quality weekly video and supporting materials for personal reflection and group discussion. Many schools now use the program as the basis of their weekly staff meeting and shared prayer.

Doyle said, “We also fill the downloadable materials with great quotes and insights from some of the great women and men in Church history. We have so much treasure and wisdom and learning in the Catholic Church and many teachers find themselves making a deeper connection between their Catholic identity and a sense of mission to young people.”