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This episode we hear from President of Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep, Kelby Woodard, on growing an entrepreneurial business model for young people, whilst maintaining Catholic Identity.

In this week’s episode of the Catholic Teacher’s Podcast, we hear from President of Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep, Kelby Woodard. Kelby shares with us how his strong background in corporate business has enabled him to create a pathway for young people, whilst maintaining a Catholic Identity. Additionally, Kelby shares how he has dealt with the difficulties of burnout throughout his career, and what he would like Cristo Rey Dallas’ legacy to be.


0:00 Intro

6:01 Why was Kelby impacted by young people?

8:40 The core of the Cristo Ray Model?

10:51 The field Hospital Concept in the Cristo Ray model

13:01 How does Cristo Ray Operate?

15:55 The impact of Cristo Ray on intergenerational patterns

19:20 What inspires Kelby about Cristo Ray?

21:51 How does Kelby filter the relationship between success, poverty and business
through the catholic lens?

24:49 What does look for in his staff?

30:12 How does Kelby relate to Jesus in the complexity of what he’s doing?

33:14 How does Kelby balance desire to see young people flourish and building their Catholic identity?

40:29 What does Kelby want his legacy to be?

41:56 What brings Kelby the most joy about his current work?

42:58 What’s the most challenging part of Kelby’s current work?

45:39 How to deal with burnout

49:02 Three pieces of advice for catholic teachers

‘Entrepreneurship in the Catholic Tradition’

Cal Newport’s TedTalk –

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