Parent Seminars with Jonathan Doyle

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World renowned Catholic speaker Jonathan Doyle was special guest at Hillcrest College on the Gold Coast on August 26th for a series of talks to parents and students. In recent years his parent seminars have reached thousands of parents around the world. Addressing key issues for parents including the challenges of the digital age, key issues facing adolescents and the growth and impact of pornography. As the founder of the The Men We Need program being used in hundreds of schools, Doyle was invited to provide both an overview of the key issues and practical strategies that parents can begin using immediately.

After delivering parent seminars he provided a day of intensive seminars for senior students based on his decade of work with young people and also on content from his new book Bridging The Gap. The seminars explored a range of content relevant to young peoples’ lives and the key issues they face in building healthy and giving relationships.
Doyle stated, “It is always a great privilege to deliver parent seminars and to support them in the crucial task of parenting. So many parents are looking for information, answers and strategies that really work. So many times parent seminars are all about what is not working. I like to make sure that parents leave the room encouraged, affirmed and inspired.”
jonathan doyle

Jonathan Doyle before the event at Hillcres

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