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jonathan doyle

This is me today on the way to school pickup.

A Perfect Afternoon…

It’s been a great afternoon. Late summer. Riding down a long hill to pick up one of my kids from her first foray into the world of big school.

Bikes never lose their appeal. Something about coasting along with the feel of warm wind on your face and arms takes you back to the best of childhood.

I stopped off at a local Church calibrating my available time to fit in a rosary before making sure I arrived when the bell rings for the end of the school day.

Silence. An empty Church. Kneeling and recalling a picture of John Paul II with that pose he always had in prayer. Head held in one hand. The weight and possibility of the world pressing down.


This man could pray. John Paul II

I prayed hard. Family, work and a deep sense of all those people in the world in anguish and suffering with no one to pray for them.

And then I knew I needed to ask you something.

Next week I fly to London. I’ve been invited by the Archdiocese of Westminster to deliver a series of lectures and seminars over a week.

I’ll be speaking at conferences and delivering the tenth annual Theology of The Body Lecture. After that it’s two days of clergy days where  I will have the chance to inform hundreds of priests and their Bishops on the latest research on pornography addiction and how to respond in the pastoral realities of their ministry.

I realised today that I desperately need people to pray for me and for my family. I need you to intercede for me.

It’s not flesh and blood

Over a decade of speaking I’ve been very slow to wake up to certain realities. When you start to shine a light into very dark areas…something pushes back. St. Paul made it very clear that it is not against flesh and blood that we struggle but against the principalities and powers that exist in opposition to Christ and his love for us and his desire to see us free and whole.

I recently spoke at a major bioethics conference. When I landed at home the first email I read was telling me my three-year-old daughter was in intensive care. Our car was crashed into two weeks ago and other niggling things unfold. Coincidence? Possibly. But it seems that if I won’t stop doing what I am doing then Satan goes after my family or our ministry or business or something else.

If you cringe at hearing me mention Satan then take that up with Pope Francis, he talks about him frequently and the reality of personified evil in the person of Satan has been a dogmatic teaching of the Church from her earliest days.


Leaving home is hard but Christ has given me everything.

So, please, would you pray for me? From when you read this until at least March 10 2014 (and hopefully beyond) I need you to pray for me and for my family.

Pray I have safe travel and that my family is protected and safe in my absence. Pray that I get to speak powerfully to many people about what’s possible and the amazing plans God has for us all.

Prayer changes things and it changes us.

Prayer changes things and it changes us.

If you sense anything particular in prayer then email me at If you know any people who have a love for intercessory prayer or fasting then please, please send them this post.

I’ve added a video below with some info.

Thanks for praying. Sincerely…thanks.