Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Going Deeper Take Each Week?

In terms of how much time is involved each week it can be as much or as little as you wish.

Each weekly video is about 5 minutes long but comes with personal refection journals so that people can sit with the content and explore it more deeply.

Many schools use the weekly video and staff discussion and prayer guide to start the weekly staff meeting. So, in summary your staff can do as little as 5 minutes per week over 40 weeks, adding up to about 3.5 hours per year or they could choose to do a little more time each week using the reflection guides.

Perhaps you are asking this question with reference to accreditation or maybe in terms of the busyness of school life. Either way the program will work. It can be a quick weekly ‘shot in the arm’ or a deeper more reflective process linked to accreditation outcomes.

What Is Each Module About?

In terms of the title of the modules, we simply follow the core Church documents on Catholic education. So the titles are related to key themes in those documents each week. Every week we aim to simply ensure the content is consistently relevant to teachers as you can see from the samples. Usually, when people ask this question it is geared to knowing that the content is authentically Catholic and engaging. You are on very safe grounds on both counts.

Can We Trial Going Deeper

Absolutely. You can take a free trial of content for three weeks. Just CLICK HERE

We don't have a credit card can we pay by cheque?

Unfortunately, we don’t accept cheques. We now have hundreds of schools with us from around the world and you can imagine the issues involved in accepting cheques in multiple currencies etc. We are also taxed heavily and charged extra bank fees for any transfer costs on a cheque as well.

Our standard advice is not an ideal solution but it’s the best we can offer at the moment. That advice is simply that someone at your school places the order on their personal card and then is immediately reimbursed by the school. We know it’s not ideal but it always works out as the best solution.

We generate two receipts at the moment of purchase so either of those can be given to the school bursar or accounts people for ian immediate refund.

Does your program have an Imprimatur or endorsement from my diocese?

Now that the program is in hundreds of schools around the world we have not tried to match the content to the exact curriculum frameworks of multiple dioceses.

What we can tell you is that you are on very safe ground with the content. It was developed from extensive post-graduate study and is completely supportive of authentic and orthodox Catholic teaching. All content is drawn directly from Church documents.


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