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I’m wondering if you have a list of topics you are planning to cover in the ‘Going Deeper’ series –

I just replied to a Bishop on the same question. Basically, the bulk of content will be drawn direct from key Church documents such as:
  • Gravissimum Educationis
  • Catechesi Tradendae
  • The Religious Dimension of Education in a Catholic School
  • The Catholic School on the Threshold of the Third Millenium
We will use the Church documents but will make sure the content is highly engaging and the production values are very high.
All our content is wholly in keeping with Church teaching.
Areas of focus center upon personal evangelisation of individual teachers, a deeper awareness of the vocational nature of Catholic teaching in both the conforming of the character of young people to the example of Christ and of the education of the ‘total person’.
Each week we focus on another key area within the Church’s teaching in the area of education so there is plenty of variety.

I’m unclear about how long each topic will be available to a schools. (I envisage that as a school builds up a bank of resources they might choose to cover them in a different order, or they might get way behind or … …).

Our goal is to deliver a single video of about 6 – 10 minutes duration per week + support materials/journals, discussions questions. All the content will be archived and tagged for search-ability so schools can keep accessing content for the long term. The weekly content will be easy enough to get through and  staff will be able to keep up to date. Some schools  have a short discussion time at staff meetings based upon the weekly video and the journal questions.

The weekly paid contract – is this just for term time?  Schools are only in session for about 40 weeks a year, so it makes a difference to how they consider their total “hit” on their pd  budget.


We structure delivery to exactly match term time so schools are only paying for the weeks during term and not during holidays.

Some schools are 100 pupils or less, and they would have pretty small pd budgets).


Pricing is a challenge as if we shift to a per teacher rate we are relying on schools  providing us with names and emails for every user. This is a recipe for major hassle with staff change and lost passwords etc!  The simplest solution is a flat rate where a school accesses a single log in for all staff. Trying to move to a per teacher basis raises some rather major tech issues.

Can we cancel the monthly billing at any time?

Absolutely!. We have no lock in contracts and no plans. Once you have signed up you can cancel at any time.