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Going Deeper, Australia’s New Online Platform for Catholic Teachers, Acquires Diocese of Palm Beach Florida as New Client.


Going Deeper, a website developed by Choicez Media founders Jonathan and Karen Doyle, is quickly gaining an international following with its newest client, the entire Diocese of Palm Beach Florida. Going Deeper is a groundbreaking online platform currently being used by over 100 Catholic schools that provides top-level professional development and inspiration for Catholic teacher formation. The aim of the platform is to inspire Catholic teachers to fulfill their noble vocation within the great mission of Catholic education. The website offers high-quality weekly videos and support documents for schools that are suited for staff meetings, staff prayer or individual reflection.

“I’m excited to move forward on this,” said Gary Gelo, Superintendent of Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Palm Beach Florida, said in a statement. “I think it’s a unique program and opportunity for us!”

“We are so excited to see how a single idea from Australia can begin to have an impact around the world,” stated Jonathan Doyle. “For years we have been convinced that the key to Catholic schools fulfilling their mission is the evangelization of individual staff. For so long it was hard for teachers to deepen in their faith in a way that recognized the many demands on their time. Going Deeper is an easy-to-use, orthodox and attractive online program that makes it easy for schools to find their place in the mission of the Church and reach young people more effectively.”

Jonathan and Karen Doyle are acclaimed public speaking figures on the topic of Catholic education. They are the founders of Choicez Media, which is Australia’s largest provider of relationship programs and student seminars to the independent education sector.  Jonathan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management in Education, and is currently completing a second Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family studies, before embarking on his PhD.Karen holds an Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and is also completing post-graduate, Master’s level study in Marriage and Family Studies.

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