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The Feminine Genius –  Live with Karen Doyle

Feminine genius

Karen Doyle


The Feminine Genius is a topic that has captured the attention of so many Catholic women around the world. In this special live video presentation, producer of the new, The Genius Project resource, Karen Doyle shares a wealth of powerful insights into John Paul II’s special body of work on the vocation and dignity of women.

The video was recorded live in front of a large audience and Karen shares her best material on this life-changing body of knowledge. If you are new to the whole topic of the feminine genius then this video is also for you. Karen explores the four key areas of the work developed by Pope John Paul II in his key texts, Mulieris Dignitatem and also in his  Letter To Women

Karen shares how any woman, at any stage of her life can discover the unique call on her life by exploring the key ideas of maternity, reciprocity, sensitivity and generosity.

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