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rich bearsDan Burke writes for the National Catholic Register and appears regularly on EWTN. His story of conversion and the centrality of Christ is moving and compelling. Listen in as Dan shares his wisdom on the Catholic faith, catholic teaching, spiritual direction and much more.


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An Interview with Dan Burke

What is your current role?

Executive Director

What do you spend most of your time doing in this role? Tell us about your work/vocation?

I spend most of my time managing the behind the scenes aspects of the National Catholic Register ( We have advertising, technology, donor development, and marketing and circulation functions that all support the journalism that we produce and deliver to millions in the US and around the world. Every so often I also have the opportunity to write for the Register as well.

What is something you are most passionate about as a Catholic person? What are the big issues, topics or questions that most interest, excite, compel or motivate you?

I am very excited about the amazing privilege of helping as many people to know and love Christ and His Church as is possible. I do this through the National Catholic Register through what we call news based catechesis and I also run another apostolate that focuses on faithful Catholic Spirituality ( I also have an award winning book out entitled, “Navigating the Interior Life – Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God.” You can find more information about that at If I had to pick one thing that I do which is most motivating and exciting it is helping people to encounter Christ in a way that they may have never imagined possible. The spiritual patrimony of the Catholic Church provides an endless supply of wisdom and light on the path of knowing and walking with Christ in this life and the next. I never get tired of talking about it or figuring out ways to reach more people who’s hearts restless because they have yet to learn how to rest in Him.

How does your Catholic faith inform, shape, guide, or motivate your work/vocation?

I hope that my faith permeates everything that I am and do. Christ has given everything for me and is everything to me. My desire is to give 100% of who I am back to Him and His people. When I die I hope to have spent every last breath, every last thought, every last ounce of energy to worshipping Him and introducing as many as I can to Him and the great riches of His love that He has in store for those who seek Him.

How do you think the Church can make an impact in culture? What are the main things you think we should be focused upon in the process of the New Evangelisation?

All evangelism must be rooted in three things, 1) love, 2) truth, and 3) service. In order to live out these three pillars of evangelism, our lives must be animated by a living relationship with Christ. As we love and serve, we build a bridge, from heart to heart, over which truth can pass. The more individuals know and love Christ and His Church in a tangible way (not just as ideas, concepts, or a philosophy of life) the more that Christ will live in them and through them. This living reality of Christ then flows through them to others and ignites the hearts of others with the reality of the love and redemption of God. On any scale, even a small one, hearts on fire for Christ can change a family, a neighborhood, a city, or a nation. It only takes a few who are willing to give everything to Him and He will then use them to bring about a reality that one could never imagine prior to setting out on this great adventure of living for God.

From a practical standpoint, Catholics should first be engaged with prayer and the sacraments. The grace they receive from living with Christ in this way will enable them to see their own calling to serve others and will give them insights to do so.

Dan’s journey to the Catholic Church

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Dan’s book – Navigating the Interior Journey

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