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The Catholic teacher and the Bible do not need to have an oxymoronic relationship!

In recent videos I have been trying to share just how crucial the relationship is between the demands of daily teaching life and the need to find ways to be refilled and restored by the Holy Spirit. Catholic teachers give so much. I often like to say that they are professional givers. However, at some point, even the most extroverted ‘people person’ needs to step back and allow the well to be refilled.

As Catholic teachers there are a few key ways we can do this. There are the obvious things like good self-care such as sleep, food, friends and interests outside of school. There is of course the centrality of the eucharist as the ‘source and summit’ of our faith. The Eucharist is the fastest and most assured way to let Jesus be the real source and energy of our vocation. However, my experience has been that so many good Catholic teachers constantly overlook the deep and rich reservoirs of grace that are always available through the daily reading of sacred scripture.

The decision to make scripture a daily part of our vocations as Catholic teachers is a crucial step toward a deeper and closer walk with the Trinity and also into a deeper experience of the power of God at work in our vocations. The point I always try and make is that we simply cannot give what we do not possess. If we have not allowed our minds and hearts and words to be impacted regularly by the Bible then we cannot be in a position to share that grace, wisdom and power with all those within our school community.

Amid all the many pressures and demands of school life it can be so easy to just see this as another thing we need to do…another burden or pressure. It’s not. In fact, over time it will have the precisely opposite effect. When we sit at the feet of Jesus and let him teach us over time then we have so much more to give.

Think for a moment of all the many daily interactions that constitute your school day. Think of how many conversations and experiences and encounters make up just one single day of your vocation. What if more and more of those interactions over time took place after you had begun to grow more deeply in the mind and heart of Jesus learned through daily immersion in scripture.

I know. It’s not easy to make the time. It’s not easy…..but it is possible.