Catholic Education Expert Address 150 Catholic Teachers

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International Catholic education expert Jonathan Doyle delivered a series of seminars for over 150 Catholic teachers in Perth last week.

Doyle, who is the founder of the internationally successful Going Deeper online platform for Catholic schools identity formation was in Perth for the second time in a month to help Catholic teachers better understand the special nature of their work. Over the last few months he has spoken around the country on Catholic education and also been a guest of the Archdiocese of Westminster in London where he addressed similar topics.

He stated, “ We have so many excellent people working in Catholic education but many have not received the level of formation in Catholic identity that they would like. Both the live seminars and the Going Deeper platform are about helping individual teachers and whole schools deepen in their Catholic faith. Essentially, as, a teacher, you cannot give what you have not received, so we have been inundated with requests from schools and diocese to help address this challenge.”

The seminars were held at Perth’s Chisholm Catholic College under the invitation of Principal John Bormolini and addressed key issues such as the role of a Catholic school in a secular world and key attributes of a genuine Catholic school such as Catholic teacher formation and the Catholic identity and Catholic ethos.

A consistent refrain from Doyle was the idea that a Catholic school will eventually be a reflection of the personal level of each staff member’s faith formation. He said, “Ultimately, the missionary nature of Catholic education means that unless staff have a genuine and deepening personal faith experience it is difficult, if not impossible for a school to become the genuine center of missionary activity that the Church documents call it to become. Not only that, it’s often just a far more pleasant place to work when people deepen in their faith. There is more joy, more collegiality, a deeper sense of why what they do matters.”

 The seminar day also included a live Twitter stream using Doyle’s Twitter handle @beingcatholic1. The use of social media allowed staff to interact in real time with the content being shared by Doyle.

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Jonathan Doyle – A focus on Catholic Education

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