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Catholic Thought Leader and BeingCatholic Founder, Jonathan Doyle, was Keynote Speaker at the Catholic Secondary Schools Deputy Principals’ Association Conference

Catholic education conferenceJonathan Doyle, founder of Choicez Media and BeingCatholic was the keynote speaker at the Catholic Secondary Schools Deputy Principals’ Association Conference. The event was held on August 7 and 8 at the Joondalup Golf Resort in Perth, Australia. Doyle, who has established himself as the main speaker on Catholic identity and the mission of Catholic schools in Australia, provided insight about how schools can address and overcome the challenges of a secular world. His main points addressed what makes a Catholic school distinctive, and key pastoral issue faced by male and female students. The Bridging the Gap author also delivered examples from his book about encouraging Catholic educational leaders to reach their peak performance to benefit students. 

“It was a privilege to work with such a large group of leaders who are making a real difference at the cutting edge of Catholic education,” said Doyle. “Since we built the Going Deeper platform and began speaking at more and more events like this, we have seen that there is such a passion for both teachers and school leaders to deepen their Catholic faith and allow that formation to inspire their mission to young people.”

“It was a very rewarding experience for us,” conference organizer Carol Bell said about Doyle’s speech. “(Jonathan) has given us some great ways of seeing the value in the work we all do. “


Jonathan Doyle is a thought leader and public speaking figure on the topic of Catholic education. He has delivered speeches to over 300,000 people around the world. He is the Managing Director and founder of Choicez Media, which is Australia’s largest provider of relationship programs and student seminars to the independent education sector. Doyle is also founded the site BeingCatholic, a major resource for Catholic identity.

His latest endeavor is Going Deeper, a groundbreaking online platform currently being used by over 100 Catholic schools that provides top-level professional development and weekly podcasts that inspire teachers to fulfill their noble vocation within the great mission of Catholic education. Doyle is an accomplished writer of Bridging the Gap and How to Get the Man of Your Dreams. He is a former Catholic teacher who received a master’s degree in education, and is completing a second master’s degree from the John Paul II Pontifical Institute.

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