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No shortcuts!

As I mentioned last week, Christianity is not a system for making people nice. Being nice might be a by-product of being a Christian but there are probably plenty of us who, even after knowing Jesus, can have the occasionally surly day…or regular surly day!

Christianity is about Jesus. It’s about a constant, deepening relationship with a real person. How many people in your life that truly matter to you do you spend no time with? Put simply, we spend time with the people that matter the most. Our spouses, kids, parents.

You’ve got to know Jesus and to know him you have to spend time with Him.

The danger in Catholic schools is that our busyness means we just don’t allocate the time to Him in silence, prayer scripture and sacrament. For years I have been trying to tell people that the crisis in Catholic education is not about resources or curriculum. The crisis is a huge number of exhausted teachers who are starving for the grace of the Eucharist, the helps of the Holy Spirit and the presence of Jesus to sustain them.

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