Great Expectations

Great Expectations

Great ExpectationsWant to know more about the women in your life?

What if it was possible to discover the deepest needs of the women you care most about?

What if it was possible to become the husband, fiancé, boyfriend or friend you were made to be?

What if understanding women better meant you could grow in strength, manhood and freedom?

What if rather than accepting the lies of a culture that pits men and women against each other you discovered the power of John Paul II’s message of complimentarity?

That moment is now and the tools and resources are at hand.

What are people saying?

Karen Doyle is a dynamic Catholic leader. This will make a great gift…

Associate Professor Tracey Rowland PhD
Dean – John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family.

I strongly recommend Karen’s work to women and men trying to navigate the confusing ideologies of gender and sexuality of our times. Karen exposes the weaknesses of a secular feminism that aims at a pseudo-equality rooted in the denial of the differences that underlie the complementarity of men and women, and she presents a fresh vision of the true equality of dignity that is ours as men and women made in God’s image. It is my hope that her work will reach many and invite them to discover anew the gift that is their very personhood.”

Sr. Mary Madeline Todd O.P.

Karen’s presentation on the Genius of Womanhood once again allows the treasures of the Catholic faith to become both accessible and compelling, but most importantly for young people; she makes it a desirable and attractive choice.

Jessica Langrell
Student Chaplaincy Convenor
University of Notre Dame

Karen is able to beautifully articulate the depths of a women’s heart in a very practical and profound way. Through her natural and graceful style Karen will captivate and inspire you through her extensive knowledge…

Therese Nicholls
Australian Catholic University

Women’s expectations of men.
In this powerful presentation you will hear Karen explore key issues such as:• How has 20th century feminism impacted men and their sense of what is expected of them?• What is the impact of absent fathers in the lives of many young men? How do they learn to love women fully as equals?

• How can you be a better listener and communicator for the women in your life?

• How can you step-up and play a greater role as a boyfriend, husband or father?

• How does pornography impact the women you care about?

• How can you play your role in building a new manhood of strength, service and engagement with the incredible women in your life?

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Great Expectations

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Great Expectations

Great Expectations
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