If you don’t talk to your child then someone or something else will!

Despite so much ‘connectivity’ our kids are more disconnected than ever. Cut off from the crucial relationships that have sustained them in the past they are open to powerful peer pressures and massive impact from media and marketing.

Research consistently shows that parents remain the single biggest influence upon their children’s lives and it’s time to make that work in their favour and ours.

Your child desperately needs a strong steady presence in the tumultuous times of late childhood, early adolescence and the later teens. It’s time to learn the skills, attitudes and rituals that will see your child flourish in the time ahead.

That time is now and the tools and resources are at hand.


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Want to be there when your kids most need you?

In this powerful presentation you will hear Jonathan explore key topics such as:


What are the key issues facing your child that threaten their long term health and happiness?


How can fathers become more involved in their children’s lives?


What you need to know about how pornography is impacting kids.


How you can improve communication with your kids?


How is media and marketing impacting their sense of self and how they view relationships?


What are the key paradigms that every parent must understand to guide their kids through the teen years?


What home and family rituals can make the biggest difference?

What are people saying?

“I have just listened to a recent presentation Jonathan gave to over 150 men on Masculine Sexuality and the enormous epidemic of pornography. I was impacted by his intellectual acumen, cutting-edge communication and passion for men and this topic. This is delicate territory and not many are prepared and courageous enough to deal with this topic well.

With innovative material and excellent examples Jonathan takes a real world, down to earth, brutally honest wrestle with the male heart and the damage done to it by pornography. He describes this event as “the Perfect Storm”—- a collision of a Secularized Society and Sexualized Culture.

This is not just a presentation but an experience. It is not enough just to listen and applaud, and that you will do. I felt like I need to do something more; I want to be a better husband and a more involved father!

Robert Falzon

Businessman, Founding Director, menAlive

“EXCELLENT! Really ….. First Class. The delivery was compelling, the content spot on, the issues – CRITICAL. We discussed it all the way home and then some…”


…many families have referred very positively to your talk. It has done a lot of good.

Andy Mullins


Thank you Jonathan for bringing to light a message that some would say is lost among our world today.
You were humble and passionate, we believed in you as you spoke from the heart. It was clear that this wasn’t just a job for you but definitely a vocation.

Seminar Organiser

Melbourne, Australia

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