Want to shape the man we need in the boy you love?

Every boy begins life with so much potential. Our boys start their journey with boundless energy, gentleness and curiosity. Why then do many young men wrestle with anger, depression, anxiety, violence and addictions?Is there anything we can do as parents, educators or leaders to help them navigate a better future?Whether you are listening for your own son, the students you teach or as anyone with an interest in helping raise the next generation of boyfriends, husbands and fathers then this is the message you have been waiting for.The time for action and change is now and the tools and resources are at hand.

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Want to know how to raise, mentor or guide the next generation of men?

In this powerful presentation you will hear Jonathan explore key issues such as:


What are the main issues driving negative outcomes for young men?


What are the four key areas that every boy must master?


What is pornography doing to boys sexual development and ability to form safe and caring relationships with young women?


How you can improve communication with your son?


What happens when we neglect a boys need for emotional support and physical touch?


What is the only way boys become men and how can we ensure it happens?


What are the seven key messages each boy needs for his future?

What are people saying?

“I have just listened to a recent presentation Jonathan gave to over 150 men on Masculine Sexuality and the enormous epidemic of pornography. I was impacted by his intellectual acumen, cutting-edge communication and passion for men and this topic. This is delicate territory and not many are prepared and courageous enough to deal with this topic well.

With innovative material and excellent examples Jonathan takes a real world, down to earth, brutally honest wrestle with the male heart and the damage done to it by pornography. He describes this event as “the Perfect Storm”—- a collision of a Secularized Society and Sexualized Culture.

This is not just a presentation but an experience. It is not enough just to listen and applaud, and that you will do. I felt like I need to do something more; I want to be a better husband and a more involved father!

Robert Falzon

Businessman, Founding Director, menAlive

He expertly presented to our boys and their parents a rich audio and visual experience with a clear recipe for helping boys to find purpose in their lives. The presentation involved humour and wonderful stories that resonates with young men. Two of the major themes of the presentation focussed on how boys are navigating their testosterone-driven journey to adulthood and that hands-on fatherhood was what was needed to teach sons self-control and help them become well-balanced men. Jonathan also spoke about the assault on the values, self-esteem and emotional stability of boys is driven by stealth advertising, a rampant consumer culture and unfiltered new technologies, which expose boys to explicit pornography and violent fantasy worlds packaged as entertainment. Jonathan presented facts and resources beyond those of our classroom teachers and I look forward to continuing to work with Jonathan in the years ahead.

Scott James

Deputy Headmaster Knox Grammar School

“EXCELLENT! Really ….. First Class. The delivery was compelling, the content spot on, the issues – CRITICAL. We discussed it all the way home and then some…”


…many families have referred very positively to your talk. It has done a lot of good.

Andy Mullins


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