Want to shape the man we need in the boy you love?

Each year pornography addiction destroys countless marriages, relationships and families. Do you want to see this stop?

Millions of men see their potential limited by a toxic cycle of behaviour that undermines their happiness and robs them of deeper connections with their wives, children, girlfriends or colleagues. Do you want to see a change?

What if pornography was not some harmless interest for ‘consenting adults’ but was a physiological process that quickly overwhelms the boys and men who fall victim to it’s impact? Would you want to know more?

What if instead of accepting a shallow manhood that sees women as objects of sexual conquest men began to take their lives back and used their strength to fight for the freedom of women in sexual slavery. Would you want to be involved?

That moment is now and the tools and resources are at hand.


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Want to get your life back or support others in crisis?

In this powerful presentation you will hear Jonathan explore key issues such as:


What is the science behind pornography’s power over men?


How can you overcome addiction or support your friends?


How do I get get help and break through to freedom?


How can you play your role in building a new culture of manhood, service and engagement with the incredible women in your life?


Why is it so powerful?


What cultural and technological factors have made pornography a ‘perfect storm” for fatherless men?


How can you step-up and play a greater role as a boyfriend, husband or father?


How does pornography impact the women you care about?

What are people saying?

“I have just listened to a recent presentation Jonathan gave to over 150 men on Masculine Sexuality and the enormous epidemic of pornography. I was impacted by his intellectual acumen, cutting-edge communication and passion for men and this topic. This is delicate territory and not many are prepared and courageous enough to deal with this topic well.

With innovative material and excellent examples Jonathan takes a real world, down to earth, brutally honest wrestle with the male heart and the damage done to it by pornography. He describes this event as “the Perfect Storm”—- a collision of a Secularized Society and Sexualized Culture.

This is not just a presentation but an experience. It is not enough just to listen and applaud, and that you will do. I felt like I need to do something more; I want to be a better husband and a more involved father!

Robert Falzon

Businessman, Founding Director, menAlive

Wow, I’m blown away. It is exactly what men, young and old, need to hear about the scourge of pornography. You don’t moralize or condemn, you speak frankly, man-to-man about the root reasons a man can fall into the trap of pornographic addiction. With compassion and common sense you offer men ways to deal with it. Furthermore, you give compelling and challenging images of what a mature man wants for himself, his family, his community. Well done. This talk is a must listen for men, young and old, and for those who love them.

Patrick O’Connor

Founder – The Masculine Journey

Jonathan Doyle pulls no punches when speaking to men. He hits you right between the eyes with the truth. This talk is challenging, inspirational and empowering – a must for anyone wanting to know about the impact of pornography on men today.

Fr. Ken Barker MGL

Moderator, Missionaries of Gods Love

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