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Karen Doyle
Want to see a big change in your life? Want to see those you care about really grow? Karen Doyle is passionate about helping you become the person God has made you to be. With a range of dynamic talks, e-books and study guides Karen’s insights will see you step into all that God has planned for you.

As a woman do you want to learn about John Paul II’s teaching on the ‘genius of womanhood’ and what it means for your life? As a man do you want to learn about the keys to a woman’s heart? Then dive right in and explore Karen’s powerful range of life-changing talks.


What are people saying?

Karen Doyle is a dynamic Catholic leader…her personal testimony regarding the treasures to be found in John Paul II’s reflections are a great gift for women of all ages.

Dr. Tracey Rowland
Phd Dean – John Paul II Institute
for Marriage and Family

“It is rare to find an academic man who can speak deep into the human heart the way Jonathan Doyle does.
He generously brings to the human person a pioneering, prophetic and powerful proposition; that we are made good and we are worth something.How about that for a new message!!

Robert Falzon
Founding Director menAlive

John Paul II’s wisdom is brought alive through the animated work of Karen Doyle and I would strongly recommend it to every daughter, sister, fiancé, wife, mother, consecrated and religious.

Jessica Langrell
Student Chaplaincy Convenor
University of NotreDame

Jonathan gives compelling and challenging images of what a mature man wants for himself, his family, his community. Well done. This talk is a must listen for men, young and old, and for those who love them.

Patrick O’Connor
Navigating the Masculine Journey

Jonathan Doyle MLMEd
The greatest tragedy in life is not to become the man you were made to be. What if so much more were possible? What if you could become an incredible friend, husband and father by following powerful principles that create rapid change?

Jonathan Doyle has shared his passion and energy with hundreds of thousands of men, women and young people around the world. His powerful ability to take ancient truths and make them available in new ways is changing lives every day. If you want to be a man of faith, action and service or you want to learn more about the men you care about then let’s begin.