The Catholic Teacher And Virtues

There is nothing new under the sun! Everyday we hear of some new scandal or public failing. I’m sure they’ve always been happening it’s just that our modern news and social media cycles make it more obvious. What is strange is that for all its repetitiveness many of...

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Christocentric Catechesis

Sometime in the first century BC the Roman poet Lucretius sat down to pen a few lines aiming to explain the essence of epicurean philosophy. 7400 dactylic hexameters later he had completed his magnificent De rerum natura - On The Nature of Things. For Lucretius, as...

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The Catholic Teacher And The Bible

  The Catholic teacher and the Bible do not need to have an oxymoronic relationship! In recent videos I have been trying to share just how crucial the relationship is between the demands of daily teaching life and the need to find ways to be refilled and restored...

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Online Formation for Catholic Teachers

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Going Deeper is a weekly online staff formation program in Catholic identity and Catholic teaching on education. It inspires, educates and challenges every Catholic teacher to deepen in their personal faith and knowledge of Catholic teaching so they can fulfil their noble vocation within the great mission of Catholic education.