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Yesterday I was reading Seth Godin’s new book and it raised a really interesting question for me.

My experience working with so many Catholic schools and Catholic teachers is that there is a vast amount of different ideas about why a Catholic school even exists. What is a Catholic school for?

For me, it’s all about the Great Commission in Matthew 28. It’s all about Jesus command to actually help people not only come into contact with Jesus but to actually come into ‘communion’ with Him.

The real risk in modern Catholic education is that we can end up thinking that a Catholic school is simply trying to do a fancier version of government education or perhaps we are trying to do government style general education but with Catholic icing.

Creating great educational outcomes for young people is so important and it is an absolutely essential aspect of educating the whole human person but that is not all we are about. We are about so much more.

A Catholic school exists to make the person of Jesus Christ known and loved. Ultimately, that is what we are here to do. To fail in that mission is to fail completely, and to be honest, a vast number of Catholic schools are failing.

So, what do we do?

The first step is simply to begin to restore a deep Christology to our schools and also a deep and compelling Catholic Catechesis.

My prayer for you as a Catholic educator is that you will press deeply into the heart and person of Jesus so that you can become the very heart of the revival that we desperately need in our schools. Until Catholic teachers come into a deeper relationship with Jesus then this battle will be beyond us.

Just begin today. Just take that first step in growing closer to Him.