What Is A Boundary Survey And How Does It Work?

Understanding the boundaries of your property is an important part of owning it. There will be arguments about property boundaries, regardless of whether it is private property or commercial property. If there are differences of opinion about the boundary lines, landowners may need a boundary survey.

A boundary survey can be used to identify the boundaries of a property. It is mainly concerned with defining the corners of a parcel. Most people order boundary surveys before purchasing, dividing, improving, or building on the land. A boundary map is completed by a land surveyor. As measurements must be exact, it is best to have the survey done by a professional. You can include the following:

You have the option to include in your boundary survey any improvements made by the previous owners. These improvements could include houses, sheds, and garages as well as pools and any other permanent changes to the property.

Fencing is used to identify your property and allow others to see it. Fences are usually not built directly on property lines. While fences are possible to be included in a drawing, they should not serve as the property’s outline.

If the land registered surveyor has a copy of the title commitment, they can include easements on the drawing.

Boundary Survey Cost

Every project is unique and the cost of a border survey will vary. It is dependent on many factors, including the cost of the surveying company and the value of the property. These are some of the factors that can affect the cost of a boundary survey.

  • The accessibility and ruggedness you desire to survey the parcel of land
  • The dimensions of the parcel
  • Seasonal variations are important features of the landscape such as
  • In-ground markings or leaf cover

Why Are You Commissioning The Survey?

A boundary survey takes time and effort. The legal responsibility of defining boundaries is one professional takes seriously. Here are some of the main steps in a boundary survey.

If A Corner Is Not Obvious, It Can Be Located And Verified

Each corner will have a marker placed by the surveyor. The marker is typically a rebar or iron pipe that stands around two feet high. It makes it easy to see across the property.

The surveyor will spray paint corners with pink paint once the markers have been placed. This will further improve visibility.

Surveyors can also place wooden stakes or flags around corners with labels to help locate property corners.

The person who ordered the survey can select whether they want permanent improvements like homes, buildings or sheds to be shown on their boundary drawing.

The Surveyor Will Note Any Potential Encroachments

Drawing the boundary lines is a legally binding document. The state laws and regulations governing the definition of property lines, and detailing of parcels on land must be followed by surveyors.

Potential Complications From An Unreliable Survey

Badly done surveys can have devastating consequences for a project. A boundary survey can have serious consequences for the project. Poor boundary surveys can have severe consequences for your property and neighborhood.

  • Adjacent landowners disputing boundaries
  • Potential royalties lost in the development of petroleum and gas
  • Violation of local codes regarding building or improving the parcel
  • Possible title defects deeds, and transfer of ownership