How Can You Minimize The Chance Of Serious Injury And Death If You Work At Heights?

Training courses and the right equipment are key. The only way to save your life when working at heights is to learn the right techniques and use the right equipment by enrolling yourself in working at heights course Sydney. Equipment that is easily accessible by multiple workers is essential. To prevent falls, it is important to include roof safety mesh, guard railings, barriers, and scaffolding in the design and planning stages. It is important to establish work procedures that will guide you in how to properly install, use, and maintain the system.

Every state and territory in Australia has Safety Training Academy legislation that ensures the proper procedures are in place to avoid tragedy.

Safety Training Academy Recently Introduced Spot Fines:

Employers are not protecting workers against the danger of falling from heights

Workers who do work that requires a license but don’t have it, and employers who allow workers to do this. This includes high-risk work licenses, asbestos class A and B, as well as asbestos assessor and demolition licenses.

Inspectors can issue these new on-the-spot fines if there is a risk to workers or if the workplace has been a repeat offender. Safety Training Academy explains that these fines are intended to reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries among workers, as well as protect the community from high-risk activities.

There are also concerns in the industry that certain businesses may be able to gain a competitive advantage by ignoring worker safety. Employers and individuals who disregard their safety and health obligations at work can be fined. Safety Training Academy will help to create a level playing field, which will save lives.


234 falls from height incidents this year, more than half of which were in the construction sector. Falls for workers in the construction industry are extremely dangerous.

28%of Australia’s fatalities were caused by a fall at a height in 2015.

30% of serious claims for falls from heights were made by ladders

48% of fatalities in construction were caused by falls from heights less than 4 meters.

In 2017, eight workers were killed in Sydney, with many more suffering catastrophic injuries from falls from heights.

What Can You Do To Ensure Your Safety On-Site?

 Safety Training Academy has released the following guide. They claim it will prevent accidents and save lives.

Work that involves the risk of falling must be done on a safe platform. If possible, work should be done from below or from the ground.

Make sure you have adequate edge protection such as guardrails or scaffolding.

Before using any scaffolds, ensure that someone competent checks them and provides a certificate of handover.

All open penetrations should be covered with barriers or secured.

Your workers should have safe access to and egress to all areas of the site.

Use fall arrest and fall prevention systems only when it is impossible to use other higher-order controls.

Test emergency procedures related to fall arrest.

Access and egress should be done only with ladders, or in situations where it is not practical to use other levels of control like scaffolding or working platforms.

Use ladders with three points of contact. Never reach too far. A platform ladder might be an option.

Give your workers the necessary equipment, information, training, and instruction to safely work at heights.