The Genius of Womanhood – An Interview With Karen Doyle

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The Genius of Womanhood is a new and exciting body of work that explores the profound teaching of Pope John Paul II on the vocation and dignity of women. In this interview, Karen Doyle speaks about her new resource for Catholic women – The Genius Project and her fascination with John Paul’s

Genius of Womanhood

Karen Doyle


Interviewer:          So I’m joined today by Karen Doyle of Choicez Media and the co-founder of The Sisterhood Women’s Movement.  So thanks for joining me Karen.

KD:     Oh you’re welcome, it’s nice to be with you.

Interviewer:          Now it may seem a little bit strange, but today we’re going to talk about femininity, which is probably a bit bizarre because that’s not usually my department, that’s usually Sarah’s department.  However, Sarah’s currently taking a well-earned break visiting family, so I’m stuck here as a man delving into an area that men don’t usually delve into.  But I’m sure I’ll learn a lot today and we’ll see how I go.  Now, first of all I just wanted to bring up something that I sort of saw come across my Facebook yesterday interestingly enough, and it was from the May edition of Harper’s Bazaar – um, I had to explain it was on Facebook so people don’t think I read Harper’s Bazaar , in my spare time.

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The Democracy of the Dead

democracy of the dead

The democracy of the dead is one of G.K. Chesterton’s mpst famous sayings. In the podcast above I share a few ideas about the role of tradition and why the democracy of the dead is such an important idea.

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Catholic Sex Education In Schools – Telling A Better Story In The 21st Century

catholic sex education a better story

What is happening in Catholic sex education in schools?

In this recent talk, Jonathan Doyle outlines some of the big picture issues.

Ladies and gentleman a very good afternoon and a genuine thanks to Dr. Tonti-Phillipini for the invitation to be with you today. I look forward to traumatising you, I mean sharing with you the latest news from the front lines of Catholic sexuality formation in our school system where the words of John Paul II that, ‘we are engaged in the front-lines of a lively battle for the dignity of man’ have rarely rung more true.

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David Hutton Interview

David Hutton

In this special interview with former Director of Catholic Education for the Archdiocese of Brisbane, David Hutton, we explore the big picture issues in Catholic Education. For almost four decades David Hutton has been deeply involved in Catholic Education and he shares with us a range of insights and memories from that journey.

Download the podcast above and discover what makes a great Catholic school and how we can take the best of the Catholic tradition and share it with staff and students.

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What’s your current role?

Co-ordinator of Faith Formation and RE Programs at the National Catholic Education Commission

What do you spend most of your time doing in this role? Tell us about your work/vocation?

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Two Paths One Choice And A Spectacularly Inconvenient Truth

catholic manhood


In this opening talk Jonathan explores some of the key issues in manhood and what God may be up to in the lives of men. Listen in as Jonathan examines issues such as the devaluation of manhood and fatherhood and the need for finding a cause bigger than yourself.

Catholic Vocations – Fr. Mark De Battista

An Interview with Natalie Acton – Being Catholic

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